About Me

I collaborate with organizations in both co-creating the bigger picture and the road map for getting there.

Engagement Approach

·        Learning from systematic and participatory inquiry: it can be refreshing and reassuring for organisations to occasionally stop and ask themselves (the leadership, the team, the Board) and others (supporters, program participants, partner organizations) the bigger questions (how are we doing?, where do we/ you see us in future?, how do we know we are successful? what are we doing great?, what else can we do better?). Tested techniques like Open Space, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry meaningfully engage the whole organisation. The resulting reflections converted into committments followed up with focus build robust and trustful relationships internally and externally and also act as a self-directed beacon to guide the organization in its roller coaster of a journey.

·       Alignment of purpose, projects, people, process and structure: if all these elements are in sync, then the organization will be in harmony internally and externally. Sometimes organisations review the overall vision and mission but not the program goals, all things are reviewed but a sense of understanding and ownership is not created across the organization, the program goals are clarified internally without knowing the perception of the intended target groups, processes are reviewed that may not fit the organizational purpose and the people. The greater the alignment, the greater the sense of balance within the organization and that encourages all to talk in as similar a language of doing and thinking as possible. 

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