Friday, July 13, 2012

Ayan Adventures Part III: The World Here I Come!

The last two months have been quite exciting indeed. I now have much more control over my arms, fingers and thumb, with the effect that I can not just grasp but also pick up things, move things from one hand to another, and my favourite pastime…the TASTE test! I am so flexible now that I can even put my toe in my mouthJ And I can role from tummy to back and vice versa. Hold on Mom Dad I am not going to be a gymnist :P 

I need some help to sit up, but once I am up, I can manage to be up for upto 15-20 minutes. I am trying to learn how to balance myself so I need to be surrounded by some pillows, so cushy and comfy! The world looks so different now. I can see other people eye to eye and play with all sorts of toys.

When I wake up in the mornings I love going to the balcony and watching all sorts of vehicles from a bicycle, motor bike, cars, trucks, airplanes (yes I can hear that far, surprised huh?).

I love classical the most as that was played in my cot mobile. Now when I wake up in the morning and my folks are still sleeping, I just lay in my cot and play by myself. The other day I was just shaking my arms and voila, the music started playing! My mom was so surprised she got up and shut the music with the fond hope that I will go back to sleep. Sorry momL I gave it one more shot and I did it AGAIN! Vow what a great feeling!

Mom started her work on 1 May, but she goes only half day. Rajjo didi and Nani are great fun and so she is back before I know it! Sometimes Pa also plays with me in the mornings and goes to office late. Does he really have to go to officeL My mom leaves milk for me and since we jointly gave up the bottle during my nursing strikes, I started drinking from a spoon and just last month I graduated to a silver glass. Not the training sippy cup for those baby babies who do not know what to do! A proper silver glass! And it was a special gift from my Vijay Dada, oh what foresight he had:) I am way ahead of my timeJ I am still figuring out how to drink more and drip less but I think its really nice that I am being given the space and chance to learn by trial and error!

I had many visitors as well. My lovely Moni Masi and Mimi didi came back to visit me and I could hear them from a mile away! Playing with Mimi I realized how much I enjoy looking at similar sized humans. Another favourite visitor was my Cris uncle. He is the only one who played fondly with my toes again and again and again! My toes miss the tickling Cris Uncle, come back and tickle them.J 

Two big days came. On mothers day, my Pa changed my poopy diaper for the first time, got my mom lovely flowers, a HUGE card and also took colour impressions of my feet on the front door (a bit annoying for me PaL) On fathers day, my mom got my Pa a magical mug with a lovely photo of Pa and me. Now every time Pa has tea/ coffee I magically appear in front of him. I finally have gotten lovely high chair and I cannot wait for my culinary exploration to start. Thanks Rohi Masi:) 

I complete six months on 6 July and to celebrate all of us go to the hills to beat the Delhi heat. My first train ride, yippee!

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