Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ayan Adventures Part II: Discovery and Exploration

The second two months of my life had ups and downs. I slowly begin to realise that this is life!

Playtime became more and more fun. There are many more things to see  other than the ceiling and the fan and my cot mobile!!!! I discovered the fun tunnel gym which my Jyot Kaki sent. I could see myself in a mirror (at first I thought that was another baby, and then I realised, hey that's just me, someday I would have to understand how that works!), kick this cool ball and shake different types of rattles. My cool swing was fun too, at first I was baffled at how it could move on its own! Thanks Rohi and Nidhi Masi for your thinking and foresight and getting this swing three years ahead of my time:) The wonderful thing called motor and batteries! It makes many more things move in this world, apparently! The best was how I scared shankar mama with artificial cries and poo poo:P

I finally started going somewhere besides the hospital! I started with the park in my pram. How nice to be pushed around:) There are so many many many colours, shapes, moving things, non moving things out there! So many types of trees, plants and flowers. The flying birds, the barking dogs, the running squirrel! So many of those noisy moving things that carry people that competed with my road to the park! Terrace time was fun too. Things looked so different from that angle. It was also refreshing to see humans of sizes closer to mine though I did not like them so much at first.

My first trip to my Dad's office was not so fun. My mom took me at a bad time, I was hungry and sleepy and all the people at the office just surrounded me as if I was E.T.! Sorry Pa do not take it personally. I will come back soon with a better mood! The same way the first trip to my Rohi Masi house in Gurgaon. The car was burning hot and it was too short a time for me to get comfortable. I redeemed myself on the second trip though!

I developed a bit more control of my body. I was able to move my hands and feet VOLUNTARILY! I loved eating my forefinger. As my tummy time increased, I was able to push myself forward slowly. Oh that first time took some effort and my folks just kept fumbling with the camera! Hmmph!

I must discover what is this mysterious "M" on my clothes! I have all these jerseys talking about these "ball"games with this "M"! My Jyot Kaki has a cool taste in clothes and I think she will be in charge of my future wardrobe! 

I also was able to get some sounds out of my mouth (not just my ass!). I tried to vary it a lot to make people understand what I wanted, but alas, utter confusion. I was fed when I wanted  sleep, I was made to sleep when I wanted a change of scenery, I was given a new toy when I wanted to eat! Oh so frustrating it was! But now slowly they are getting a hang of it.

I met many many more people. My pinky masi, gaurav masa and prnu bhai came to meet me all the way from Aussieland, which is really really far away! My Dilip Nana and Geeta Nani also came to play with me. Dilip Nana's staring at the moving hanky was a fun new game for me and it improved my concentration:) My sweet sweetu mass made a special stop in Delhi, I was so happy that I was on my best behavior:P

This was a difficult time for me and my mom. Somehow it was hard for me to take her milk directly. I was on a nursing strike! I started getting her milk in a bottle, which was much easier and faster so I naturally liked it better. But turns out I get my stubbornness from her! Slowly and slowly we somehow managed to work it through. The bottle was switched by a silver spoon. Fancy, huh! I cooperated:) It was also the time she had to decide about going back to work, so I understand why she was stressed. MOM, you need to RELAX! Things work out in the end, trust me! And they did thanks to her cool boss:p I must thank him some day!

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'nike said...

A loving shout out to big boy Ayan!!! Keep keeping it real honey, you are the best :) :)