Friday, July 6, 2012

Ayan Adventures Part 1: Entry and Orientation

Hello, I am Ayan! On the occasion of my half year birthday, I thought maybe it is a good moment to capture my life's story so far.

I was born in Delhi, the city of extreme weathers. From the thunder and rain on the day of my arrival to the chilly winter winds and now the sweltering summer. My mom's belly was very consistent weather wise, so getting used to this will take some time:) Fortunately for me, my nana chose the best possible place for me to be born and aside from my mom's deafening screams it was a great welcome in the world. From my happy doctor to friendly nurses who cuddled and cleaned me up to the yummy first milk I got to eat (they must have fed my mom really well!). My pa held a small baby like me for the first time but it sure did not feel that way! My loud moni masi is also hard to forget. She was there in my early days and i crown her the unbeatable burping queen! She knew just when to pick me up and make me feel better:) Rohi masi rushed all the way from gurgaon and I remember her wide grin and her super white teeth:) I even got a little taste of formula milk, not bad, but no comparison to the natural source:)

After three mostly sleepy days, I came home to my nana nani's house. It felt really cold at first and it must have been really really big because even though I rarely left the house, it felt like I was taken for long walks of many micro miles! Sandip Kaka also came to visit me but everytime he came to play with me I was in my dreamland!

There are so many things I liked there: the variety of sounds I heard sometimes soothing, sometimes rocking, sometimes with music in the background, sometimes just melodic voices, some sounded very familiar too! (I guess my mom used to play the same sounds when I was inside.); the lovely car trips in the sun where I would be basking almost in the nude; the morning playtime with my nani; my daily massage and bath ritual with all sorts of liquids; the rhythmic back patting on the pillow to help me sleep. I remember the first time I was able to see and hear my cot mobile, oh, how it moved, its novelty has still not worn off:p; my Pa telling me about his day at his exciting office!

I have heard that babies my age pretty much eat, poop and sleep for the first few months. Well of course I did the eating and pooping but I cannot understand how one can sleep when there is so much to see, hear, do and feel! But it is not all that good, let me tell you. Firstly what is with all the people and the weird faces they make when they see me? I had little control with any part of my body, well except my mouth! Even there, a smile will sneak out when I would least want to and hold behold the adult holding me would have a proud moment mistakenly patting their back for their excellent baby playing skills! Guys, don't you know that its just a REFLEX!! Hmmm.what to do. Apparently all rational goes out of their heads the moment they see a bundle like me. 

Lying on your back can be quite boring especially when you are wrapped up in hundreds of layers. Did you not listen when the doctor said, only ONE more layer more that you?? Thankfully the layers came off as the temperature went up! In the poop department, luckily for others I would make a big announcement at the time of incoming, so I would be promptly placed down and allowed to do my big job in peace. Thank you:)

I loved being held and carried of course, but there were times that I wanted to just by myself. I think I have got this from my Pa. Rajjo didi gently reminded everyone of my right to be left alone once in a while. A right I fully exploited as my awesome muscles now show:) And after a round of exercise, a scrumptious meal would be ready and waiting for me.

One area where I kept everyone on edge was my erratic sleep! Now I understand the value of a good night's sleep. But at that time, my system was just not designed to sleep the same way every night. I would wake up, sometimes because I was too hot, sometimes I was too cold, sometimes I was hungry, sometimes I had pooped, sometimes I was JUST NOT SLEEPY! Though they would tried to keep me company there were times they just left me by myself. My pa would patiently carry me to sleep for hours in the middle of the night while my mom caught up on her sleep. Slowly I soon realised night time was quite boring and now I mostly sleep through it. A good strategy indeed!

There was one more voice I remember very well. Not just because it was so sweet and soothing, but because soon after I heard that voice, my mom would be in her best mood EVER! And that meant that I got good milk, so in my own self interest, I would go off to sleep whenever that lovely voice came over! Turns out, it was HER massage time!

I was too small to hold so my nana who took me in his sturdy steady arms much later. It was worth the wait! Now he holds me comfortably and swooshes me in the air as I push down on his stomach:)

As we all prepared to live for my own home towards my second month, I achieved a major milestone, I magically turned! My nani and mom almost screamed in wonder and luckily captured this historic moment.

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