Monday, June 15, 2009

I am back!

One thing I will always be grateful to my Nigeria experience, would be that it made me write:) Its the first time in my life that I wrote about the big and small happenings in my volunteer life and I found this an excellent medium to share my thoughts of my loved ones (fortunately, the positive thoughts!) But since I have been back, I have not had the motivation or the idea on the form the blog should take.

One of my dear friends from Nigeria, Ayo, challenged this extended leave of absense from this blog, by saying carpe diem shouldnt end just because I have left Nigeria!!

So here I am, back atleast with this new post and some alterations to the blog layout! This transition is still work in progress so it will be a while till it looks smooth! I want to keep some of the old elements as many aspiring volunteers look to my blog as a source of information on the ups and downs of volunteer life.

Keep reading, hopefully my mental mutterings will entertain you.....