Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday on the Road! Highlights

I am finally back in Lagos after a 14-day road trip across Southern and Eastern Nigeria. Among other things, the highlights of my trip are:
  • watching my perfect sun set in Nigeria and getting in on camera!
  • hit by a chimp in what he thought was a throw-catch game (luckily for me it was squishy coco-yam and not a stone!)
  • waking up in the middle of lush green forest on christmas day
  • finally getting to eat whole roasted fish like the one I scrumptiously enjoyed in Abuja when I first arrived in Nigeria
  • drinking fresh palm wine (like our toddy in Kerala)
  • watching a Nigerian hip hop artist-Tuface-live in concert
  • staying with lovely host families who showered us with their warmth, food and protective care
  • an excellent view of the entire Calabar christmas carnival (called Africa's biggest street party!)
  • eating a three-course buffet dinner at a top hotel for FREE
  • managing to squeeze in work with two GIVE member organizations

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