Sunday, November 30, 2008

Violence: the withering line between the criminals and victims

It is hard enough for me to come to terms with the reality that a city like Mumbai, can be rocked by petty politics played out by statists who curse and blame non-mumbaikars and want to throw them out. And now given the recent Delhi blasts in prominent markets, the Mumbai blasts......its just pathetic and ghastly to imagine that anything can happen at anytime to anyone.
Northern Nigeria is also seeing communal violence, burnt mosques and churches in the city of Jos over state elections. 300 people have died and over seven thousand have fled their homes out of fear.

Its amazing to see how easily and speedily those angry take to violence. Whether its criminals who want to kill for money or its the angered marginalized victim who wants his voice heard. Everyone is raising their hands with an intention to hurt another human being for some goal of which shockingly there are no civilized ways of achieving!

Where is the rule of law utopia that all of keep chiming about? When will all the killing stop?

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