Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Great HOPE Walk 2008

If it werent for these pictures, it would be difficult to believe that a thousand people can walk 10 km for a cause on a major Lagos expressway given the stiff competition for space among the bikes, cars, buses and people ! Since 2000, HOPE World Wide Nigeria has been mobilizing thousands of people in Lagos to walk and create awareness on HIV/AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children. It was quite a thrill, knowing me, I was not sure I could walk even half way, but I managed about 8 km before hopping on to the bus!

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Ritwik Patra said...

You want us to believe that you have walked 8 KMs? Please send a scanned certificate with signature of one of the auditors organization.
Jokes apart. When are you coming back? I need to discuss something on SDTT.