Sunday, October 19, 2008

Talking Green at the Beach!

The Eko Beach Resort just outside of Lagos is THE queen of beaches, being privately managed. The GREEN Trip--a festival organised by "Children & the Environment (CATE)"--is a day for children and parents to enjoy and learn about environment and creativity and luckily chose the resort as its venue. The "just outside" Lagos can be misleading since we spent eight hours going and coming on the road and only 4 hours at the beach!

Anyhow the stress of the travel was quickly dispelled the moment we got there. There were about 60 families with their children from maybe ages 3-15. The short time we had there the children got to learn about origami & painting, watch a play and the parents got a pep talk on how to allow their child to follow her passion and also make them go "green"!

Nike has been volunteering with CATE since many years and the director, Aunty Sola put Nike and me incharge of a session with the kids. As with all our very enjoyable brainstorming sessions, we came up with a pretty good plan with a word puzzle with environment problems and solutions; role play about convincing peers, schools and parents to go green and finally song about being an active citizen!

I certainly am better at managing grown ups than children. Anyhow we managed to do some energisers and the word puzzle before we got summoned to start wrapping up:)

In the pictures, you see our gang (Nike, Yinka, Fola, Ayo and ME!). One of the pics, you see the three ladies posing as the angels for our Charlie!

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