Sunday, August 10, 2008

Promoting Volunteering in Nigeria

Many of have pointed out to me that I have not been writing about my work. I am working as an Organizational Development Advisor with GIVE (Greater Involvement in Volunteering Efforts) Network: a network of volunteer-involving organizations in Nigeria. It was established in 2005 with an aim to promote volunteering for development and to build capacity of NGOs in managing volunteers. We have about 20 member organizations across Nigeria. I work at the Network Secretariat where besides me, there is one staff member (Nike-Program Officer). My oga (boss) is Mayowa Joel, who is the coordinator of the Network Steering Committee (a select leadership group representing the network members which manages the network).

My main job here is to develop the necessary systems and policies for effective functioning of the network for example, the membership policy, the roles and responsibilities of the various groups, fundraising etc. I am also helping some member organizations in organizational development. One such organization is Media Concern which works on the issue of sexual violence in Nigeria. I have just completed an intensive and participatory assessment process with them and will start with trainings for their lovely staff on project management and fundraising.

Everyday, I am discovering many new things about myself and my skills (or lack of them!). Some things are easy, some challenging and some very very difficult....I have to not just do my work but also build capacity of the organization so that they can continue the work after I leave. I hope I am able to complete atleast 80 % of my very ambitious work goals!

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