Friday, August 1, 2008

Idanre Hills: The Yosemite of Nigeria!

About two hours-drive from Ife takes you to Idanre Hills which were created out of volcanic eruptions and were home to a civilization of people about 800 years ago! After climbing about 600 steps (thankfully with five resting points along the way) we reached the top and trekked through forest and rocky trails to see remnants of the Ancient Palace, the first customary court, the school, market, unreadable letters (carved on the rock's surface), the wonderful rock (huge rock seemingly balanced at the bottom), the Arun river (believed to cure ailments like my pimples)!

The Idanre Hills reminded us of the rock formations at Yosemite Park in US! Along the trek, we came across men doing wood carvings, veggies and fruits (maize, chillies, mangoes)...Inside the ancient palace there was a stack of sacrificed cow bones-whose numbers used to tally the number of years served by the king!

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