Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Moni!!

Moni is the undoubtedly "the CHEF" of the Shah family, not to leave out the "maths wiz", the "moodiest person you don't want to anger", "the critical sister"....and of course the "BOOKWORM"...

I remember when I was young, Moni started a library in the back of the house with all her piles and piles of books (though I dont know what happened to all those books)!

She would voluntarily take on the roll of my maths tutor and I was absolutely petrified of her questioning when I returned home from my exams...the first thing she would say would be, "how many silly mistakes did you make?"

The food...hmm...I can never forget that one night, Pinky, Moni and I were trying hard to sleep in one bed (back them we were small enough to fit in one bed!), and we all were hungry but no one wanted to say anything...when one of us finally confessed to the hunger, Moni of course was delegated the task of fixing a mid night snack...left over chole and bread or was it bhel? anyways it was the best mid night snack ever!

She is ten years older to me but she doesn't show it...looks young and vibrant and ready to party as ever....I love you! Happy Birthday!

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Monica said...

E Kaaro!!!!
Ba Wo Ni? Adupa!!!!
E Se for your comments!!! they sure were humbling!!! next time i see gray hairs on my head i will remember your comments and not feel sooooo old!!!!!!
its great to have a younger sister who can teach me so much about life and who can enliven my days with her interesting experiences!!!!
mana you have inspired me to ignore the frivolities of life and keep in mind the big picture!!!!
your dedication and commitement to your work...the way you push yourself to break all boundaries and reach new horizons is really awe inspiring!!!! you make me wish to achieve more in my make me wish to reach for the stars!!!! you make me rethink the promises i made to myself when i was in school and try to fulfill atleast a few of them!!!!
looking at you i feel i also can become a better person and make a career for myself...i can reinvent my identity and be saisfied with who i am!!!!!
thank you for being you and in the process helping me become a better me!!!!