Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday CCS!

August 2000...I was sitting quietly pretending to listen to my accounts professor...two women hurriedly entered our class (mistaking it for the pol science section) and very unconvincingly told us about this residential seminar in about 10 days...and the application deadline was in 2 days! Well my ears were struck by the word "residential" and for the fun of it I took the form. I put all my sincerity in completing the application and promptly submitted it to CCS! I was ecstatic to receive a call informing me of my selection and a day before I received a packet of readings...With my bags packed, anxious Mom came to drop me off to the venue (Jamia Hamdard)...3-6 September 2000...the first time I saw Parth was when he made his entry into the hall once all of us had been registered and settled....Those four days changed my life...

CCS is my family...the seven roller-coaster years I spent there groomed me, angered me, annoyed me, excited me, and energised me! CCS has grown in the past eleven years from an infant to an adolescent...I am quite excited about the next eleven years and look forward to being a part of its journey...Happy Birthday, CCS!

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