Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another fantastic play by Crowne Troupe

We were lucky to catch another performance by the Crown Troupe in an exclusive location called "Studio 868"-home to salsa classes, high life parties and art exhibitions. As with the previous play, the central theme of this play was the polarised yet captivating contrast between tradition and modernity.

Titled "The Divorce of Lawino and Ochol", the play captures the anguish and disbelief of the conservative "village wife"-Lawino when her educated "city bred" husband-Ochol wants to divorce her for a "modern" white city-lady! The playwright cast a new perspective on the seemingly obvious debate between tradition and modernity. The soulful music of the drums, flute, harmonica with the intermingling of English and Yoruba was a matching metaphor to the play's theme.

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