Monday, July 14, 2008

UniLag Play

Mana's new colleague Nike (the lady next to her in the photo) invited us to a performance by the University of Lagos student theater group. The theme was of human sacrifice--an old custom that still seems to have relevance leading this play to further discussion and raise awareness.

A tribal chief has died and by custom his son-in-law has to be sacrificed, the play focuses on the Western educated son of the son-in-law challenging this custom in the court of law as well as of public opinion. Nike's friendship got us a chance to be photographed with some of the lead actors.
The play was engaging with a fabulous one-man orchestra, but had made an impossible promise of being the "orgasm of creativity" (the last line on the banner). The same English can be used in different ways! While on the campus we found amusing signs and notices too. Enjoy!

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