Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Thirsty Indian!

One of the ways I judge vibrancy of the culture and economic freedom is by availability of local brew (alcoholic drinks). In Nigeria, as elsewhere, in a local shop you can buy the choicest wines and spirits from around the world, but nothing really customarily local.

Given the abundance of palm and coconut trees, their customary drink has been 'palm wine' or what we would call in India toady. More surprising though that is the only customary drink they have, at least from the people I talked to in Lagos. With more than 250 tribes with their spoken languages, how could there be only one type of local brew?

The local Star beer is quite good, lager beer like Kingfisher. I have been rather taken by the flavory concoctions of Gin and Vodaka with about 5% acohol content--Gordon's Spark and Smirnoff's Ice. We only have Bacaardi Breezer but Spark and Ice could give any good beer run for its money.

(Investors: get out of beer and get into gin and vodaka companies. You read it first here!)

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