Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mastering the Art of Cooking!

We have become really wonderful cooks. I made this amazing dal with aloo, tamatar, pyaz, ginger and garlic and it was moong dal of all the dals.

We have had wonderful culinary adventures and experiences including sarson ka saag, rajma chawal with kachi aam and pyaaz kachumbar, sev batata puri, pita bread and hummus, khichdi, bhindi masala, patarwalia, thepla, dal makhani!
I never thought I would be able to make the perfect rajma chawal that too at the first attempt! But with Parth around, nothing seems impossible.....


Monica said...

hi guys!!!!
wow, such tantalizing, visually appealing food....i can smell the aroma and savour the flavours from here...
mana....i never expected you to be so excited about cooking regular desi ghar ka khana.... i mean pastas and omlettes used to be your fascination!!!!
but honestly sweetie...i am really proud of you!!!! i am sure mom's gonna cry a lot when she reads this section...finally all her three daughters have learnt cooking!!!! but she would be happiest for youe acheivement...for all the hard work and perseverance you have put in to make your one year in Lagos a success....WE ARE ALL VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!
cant wait to sample some of your fare....but only when you feel like cooking it!!!!
keep up the good work!!!!

Sapna said...

HI Manali,

The food is looking very tempting. Now I will really have to come and visit you :-)

Having a good time reading your blog and seeing what you are up to. Nigeria reminds me so much of my childhood in Zambia.

Take care and keep blogging,


It Is Worthwhile After All said...

Hey Mana and Parth!
The food does look tempting! :-)
Glad to see you both having so much fun and discovering new things together!
Do remember the recipes when you come back home! Hint Hint! ;-)