Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nidh!

Classes IX-XII, I would call the "formative" years of my life...the time I think I really "grew" and there is one person who played a n invaluable part of that growth-Ms Nidhi Bajaj! Nidh and I were in the same school since kindergarten but somehow our paths never crossed untill class IX when we were together in the Student Council. I think the magnet was our different personalities- my "easy going, what ever you put in is what matters not the outcome" and Nidhi "I have to be the best and the outcome does matter"!

And if today I have the urge in me to do the best I possibly can, its all because of Nidh! The four years of school were the most invigorating and creative years of my life. Many things happened then that have shaped the life I have today. One of them being the conference I went for in Geneva. I still remember I was not the first choice for the team that represented our school, but somehow I became part of it. Once I was selected, I had to write a daunting project. I dont know how much of wrath Nidh earned from our teachers for the hours and hours she took out to sit with me in the library and help me in my project, owning it as it was hers and pushing me towards perfection!

During exams, it was talking to her and our "playful" competition that got me through! She of course would miraculously finish the course and the revisions much before me...but that kept me going! Class X was harsh on Nidh, on us. I still vividly remember our teacher announcing our names like oranges being picked in the market...deciding who will go in the other section. And when Nidhu's name was announced, our hearts sank and Nidh just bent her head on her desk. She went through a very very hard time that year but she never once failed as a friend and we were back together in class XI thanks to our choice of the commerce stream!

The next major milestone in our relationship came after school when Nidh got into a different college than me and then she moved to UK! I think something between us changed and I think from my part it was the fear and pain of losing a dear dear friend that added to our separation. In the intermittent times she visited home, we somehow glued our scattered relationship together..until my marriage. I know that the news of my relationship with Parth was a shocker none the least and the fact that I didnt share such an important development in my life with Nidh (and Parul and Rohi) was very painful. It took Nidhu time to get over that and I think somewhere along the way we got our closeness back! And I am just so happy that we are still going strong!

Nidh used to write beautiful poems in school and some specially for me. Today, on her birthday, I would like to dedicate to her one written 10 years ago that I relate to the most even today.....Happy Birthday, honey!

Time passing
Life goes on

Love dying

Relationships created and torn

Left constant only one feeling

My feeling for you

A feeling I cant define

Except to say I love you..

A foundation of friendship

Strengthened with time

Sweetened by memories

Dreams-yours and mine

We created us

Growing together

Not a bondage rigid
But a bonding like no other

You made possible me

What I am, I am only with you

The truth of myself – I can only say
I love you…

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