Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teaching Rosemary to say "Chicken Tikka Masala"

To celebrate his good fortune, Dr Chika offered to take us out for Indian lunch! Ike (my colleague), Rosemary (a volunteer with Hope) and Dr Chika set out for our lunch adventure as, though it was going back to something familiar for Dr Chika and me; it was the first time for Indian food for Ike and Rosemary!

Out of the two neighbors, we chose Taj Mahal Restaurant! A gloomy entrance gave way to a cozy air conditioned sitting area quite reminiscent of restaurants back home. The menu took my breath away and I kept looking at over and over again. Apart from the usual north Indian and Chinese food, they had Sunday breakfast special with fafda and jalebi! (A delicious Guju breakfast)...

Since the menu was Greek to Ike and Rosemary, Dr Chika and I chose to order naan, chicken tikka masala and mutton rogan josh! Oh my, you should have seen Dr Chika and I, we both were in a dream world! We had a nice, long meal with conversations about India, the food, the people and when the waiter served us finger bowls with lemon and saunf at the end, we couldn't help but say "vow"!

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