Friday, May 23, 2008

Parth arriving on 13 June!


Parth is finally arriving on Friday the 13th! Our fears about the possible delay in getting the visa were unfounded...and the visa was done in 2 days! Bravo Naija efficiency!

Its strange that next week I would complete THREE MONTHS! My longest time away from Delhi and Parth! There were moments where it felt that time is passing in a flash but there were also some where every moment away would feel like eternity!

But I must say that I have experienced many acts of kindness and support from Nigerians. Its people is undoubtedly the best thing about Nigeria. The one word you will never tire of hearing is "welcome"!

This is also a chance for you to send me something special to remind me of you, like pictures or a handwritten note (PLEASE NO PRINTOUTS) or something that you know I would absolutely love! ...I leave it to you to be creative...

I cant wait for Parth to experience my Naija life with me! So as they say in Yoruba,

OKO MI KAABO (Come my husband!)

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