Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My second home

On 1 May, I moved into my permanent accomodation, as I call it my second home! My first home will always be with Pastor Samson, Lizzy, Mommy and Baby Christabell, they made me a part of their family! The day I moved we hired a big yellow bus (danfoe). My colleague-Ike (who has been of tremendous help!) got me big bags called "Ghana-go-home". The designation resulted from the various expulsions of immigrants that Ghana and Nigeria engaged in between the 1960s and 1980s. Many were only able to pack their belongings in such bags before fleeing, expelled with barely hours or days notice. Thus Ghana must go is ironic at best, and has mocking overtones at worst. (http://koranteng.blogspot.com/2007/04/bags-and-stamps.html) The bags are quite sturdy and can carry a lot of stuff at one time!

Now I am staying in what they call here "Boys Quarters" (like a outhouse behind the main house) with another loving family-Prof Adefala and his wife. They have generously provided sofas, a dressing table, cupboards which makes my home look complete! And thanks to my caring colleagues, I have everything I would need to live a comfortable life in Naija! A big thank-you to Dele, their son-in-law and daughter who persuaded them to allow me to rent the place.

You would notice that in the title I am using "our home"...that is because wherever I live, Parth is always with me and it will always be "our home"!

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