Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Life's Witness!

In all the reasons for marriage that I have heard in my life so far, I always remember this dialogue from the movie "Shall we Dance?" Susan Sarandon is asked why do people marry? Her answer: "Because each one of us needs a witness to our lives. Someone who will witness each and every moment: good or bad, happy or sad." (this is not verbatim)

Since 2001, Parth has been my unrelenting witness and hopefully I his. We have shared seven beautiful years together and I am thankful for every moment that we have spent together! Now we are thousands of miles apart and it sometimes pains so much that we are not together to share our highs and lows. But thanks to internet and phones, we are trying our best to be as together as possible...

I love you, Parth! Thank you!

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Parth said...

This is one of our best photos, dear, rather my witness! I remember watching that seen with you and we both saying 'yah!' I read it while waiting at IHC and tears just poured out. You are such a dalu!