Friday, May 30, 2008

My langotiya yaar!

Parul and I met each other when we were three years old! And it must have been instant bonding, since, after that we have been inseparable. Luckily for both of us, we stayed very close by to each other and our school. We were in the same section from nursery till tenth!

I remember it like yesterday...we used to be so talkative in and out of the classroom. Our class teachers would try everything possible to keep us from talking but we were incorrigible! But like any best friends, we had our share of the fights and frowns with pencil boxes neatly dividing our respective spaces on the small desks.

There was not one evening when we would not get together to play.. I would stand below Parul's window and lazy as I am, shout out her name. From making tea and cake with miniature kitchen sets to dancing on the powdered floor to watching the same cartoons over and over again....we had a ball! When we were older, since kids in my neighbourhood was not all that friendly, I used to go to Parul's colony and a bunch of us kids would play so many games, hide and seek, the seven stones, badminton! And I must say Parul was always the best...with me trailing behind to keep up! On our evening walks which were also veggie shopping time for Parul, I learnt how to buy the right type of potatoes, onions and fruits!

When I was always eager to make new friends and when those friends came and went, Parul stood by me in the thick and thin and was always there for me. I have only good memories of childhood and growing up and thats because of my best buddy-I love you, Pao!

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