Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Dr Chika is the link between my organisation, GIVE and Hope World Wide (in whose office premises we have our office). He is the Volunteer Program Manager at Hope and is on the Steering Committee at GIVE. His love for India comes after spending 13 years in Bangalore completing his masters and PhD. On 28 April, after much planning and preparation, I co-facilitated my first mini-workshop with Dr Chika! It was an orientation on volunteer management for project managers/ officers at Hope. Hope involves many volunteers across its various projects but does not have a systematic process of managing their involvement. The orientation aimed to create a buy-in of senior management to develop such a system for Hope.

What was really interested for me was that there didn't seem any difference in the context or challenges that people raised. The implication of this was that I was able to provide useful and relevant inputs to the discussion based on my experiences in India which made complete sense to everyone!

I really enjoyed working in a team to plan the whole orientation (my boss-Mayowa Joel, Dr Chika, Uche & Rosemary-volunteers with Hope) and together we developed the schedule, prepared the handouts, planned the logistics, delivered, documented and evaluated the program!

The orientation itself went very well, we got great feedback and developed concrete action points and everyone was ecstatic to know that I am around for 10 more months:)

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