Monday, May 19, 2008

My first busy weekend!

After my adventure trip to Tarkwa Bay, my weekends have been quiet and busy with washing, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and reading!

This weekend after a birthday party I was invited to got postponed, I attempted to explore the happening part of Lagos: Victoria Island (VI) to have lunch with a former VSO Dutch volunteer, Thessa, who is visiting for 2 weeks! A comfortable 45 minute BRT bus ride and a breezy 10 min okada ride later I was at my destination. Thessa treated me to a lovely lunch (pepperoni pizza) and we had a nice stroll on the famous Bar Beach, a hang out famous for barbecue and cold drinks. Oh the sight and smell of water was so peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle of everyday Lagos life! And I managed to have a similar travel experience on my return and was home safe and sound before six!

Sunday was devoted to keeping my promise to my first host family! It was interesting travelling in a danfoe after BRTs for two weeks! But I am sure if I like waiting inside the bus (danfoe) any better than waiting outside (BRT)! It was very touching to feel so missed and welcome! Baby Christabell recognised me immediately and was playing in my lap for almost 2 hours. It was nice catching up on the all the soaps and sitcoms that I had missed in the last two weeks. I love the couple--Lizzy and Pastor Samson, as they come across more as best friends than husband and wife and remind me so much of Parth and me!

Quite an eventful weekend, I must say!

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