Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Before my marriage, Mom always used to tell me that I should know how to manage things in the house like cooking, cleaning, arranging clothes, grocery shopping! And though at that time I didn't think it was all that important, now I understand her. I can feel empowered at one time (especially when I cook a nice meal or am cleaning) and powerless at the same time (when I just cannot make the ants from coming into the kitchen or I cannot get the soap off the clothes or when I buy squishy veggies)!

When I found out about my selection as a volunteer, I was very nervous for many days because of how my parents would feel when they found it. But just as my Mom had made up her mind to support my marriage, she had made up her mind to support me in whatever I wanted to do in my life. My parents were extremely supportive and have shown immense faith in me. Whether in Nigeria or here, Mom and Dad you are my pillars of strength!

Thanks Mom for all your hard work in making me who I am today! I love you and can't wait to come home to rest on your lap:)

Happy Mother's Day!

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