Monday, April 14, 2008

Tarkwa Bay: An Oasis Amidst Chaos

I am feeling extremely proud of myself. Yesterday was the first time in Lagos, when I dared to venture out on my own-for a very noble cause indeed-a visit to the BEACH!

After a swift one-hour traffic-free bus ride from Ipaja to the marina, I caught up with another VSO volunteer-Gregg! [A 26-year old entrepreneur from Canada, who did his BCOM and set up a business...vow I thought I was a rare breed...he has been here for 3 months now and is working as a fundraiser for an NGO in Lagos].

We took a bike to a spot under the Lagos bridge from where boats regularly go to Tarkwa. We waited for the boat to get full and were whisked to Tarkwa in 20 minutes! It was lovely and exciting being bouyant in water! We were dropped off near the beach where an interesting system operates. There are these self-appointed agents who "manage" the beach. They have put up these nice canopies, chairs and tables all along the beach for which you pay for! Now you are in their hands and have nice at-your-chair service. You can order chilled beer or minerals and enjoy spicy suiya [barbecued meat]

As in India, an Oyibo is to vendors as a sweat is to a after another traders and craftsmen came by to sell us their handicrafts, jewellry, peanuts, biscuits, bananas etc....But they are quite friendly and if you decline politely, they will not bother you much. Volunteers have a standard response, "we are volunteers, we have no money!"

Just like what was mentioned in the guidebook, you see tanker after tanker pass by you...check out the tanker right behind me in the photo! I took a nice stroll on the beach. It was quite quiet being a saturday! There were quite a few oyibos slowly trickling in as the day was passing...

I am so happy that I am living just couple of hours away from a beach! This is definitely an excellent outing for a weekend!


Greg said...

I had a great time that day was nice going on a Saturday because the Sundays there can be quite busy. Take care beach buddy!

anuragini said...

Really, you have gone there to work or galavant? :) Just kidding, keep the stories coming.

By the end of all these beach visits, you would be nicely tanned.

What's with the work? How is it going.