Monday, April 7, 2008

An Oyibo's Perspective

Nigerians are used to seeing white people or foreigners in fancy chaufeur-driven when they see a white person riding in a bus or on an okada, they are pleasantly surprised! As they are when I attempt to greet them in the local language [Yoruba in Lagos]...somehow you gain some respect in their eye, as if they know that you empathise with them since you are living their when I am on the road...I constantly hear "Oyibo" [means white person], all the time, mostly its meant as an expression of surprise, so I just smile and greet them back whenever I hear it...that seems to do the trick...

I think I feel less and less like an Oyibo as the days go by. I am now quoted the same price as the locals so I dont have to use my bargaining skills!

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