Tuesday, April 15, 2008

India Trivia!

I have been bombarded so many questions about India and I am actually starting to realise how much or how little I know about my country! Questions range from:
  • what is the weather like in India?
  • how do Indians see Nigerians/ foreigners?
  • do Indians like football?
  • are Indians very religious?
  • what kind of transport system does India have?
  • is there corruption?
  • why do Indians sing and dance in the movies?
  • how do Indian men treat Indian women?
  • how is the crime rate?
  • why dont Indians eat beef?
And sometimes I marvel at my answers, to most questions, is "there is really not one SINGLE answer.." because maybe I simply don't know enough to give an answer that represents the whole country!

But one thing that really amazes Nigerians about India [and what amazed me about Nigeria] is that in India the woman pays the man's family in a marriage, whereas in Nigeria, its the man who has to pay the "bride price" to the woman's family! I have to attend a Nigerian wedding to get all the details...wait till then:)

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