Monday, April 21, 2008

Celebrating the Naija Way!

In Nigerian-Christian tradition, two ceremonies are very important: the naming which takes place after eight days of birth [all babies have a Christian name and a Yoruba name] and then the dedication ceremony after three months [the baby is dedicated to God in Church]. Nigerians love to celebrate in a grand style! There is lots of food, drinks and many are invited.

On 28 March, Baby Christabell became three months old. It was very opportune that I was able to play a very active role in her dedication ceremony on 20 April. You know I LOVE please bear with a more than required detailed account of the whole process:)

With a list and naira in hand, Lizzy [Bell's mom] and I headed to the market a day before. I was carrying the baby which attracted the attention of many [I alone attract many eyes, but with the baby it was heads turning back twice...]. 2-3 people were actually curious to know if I was married to a Nigerian! We bought veggies, turkey, pepe, spices, rice! Lizzy marinated the turkey, mashed and boiled the mashed pepe and tomatoes. On D-day, we woke up at 3:30 am...we started frying the marinated turkey, chopped the veggies, fried the bananas [called dodo], and finally made the "jollof rice". We were quite efficient, and even with the on and off NEPA, we managed to cook everything and clean up at about 6 am! Unlike Lizzy who had to feed the baby, I got on hour of sleep!

I woke up all excited to wear my lovely Nigerian dress. Basically it is a short top, a long skirt and a head scarf all in the same fabric! It fit quite well, I was even motivated to wear earrings:). We went to church [vow, the energy there of 400 + people was amazing]. The Pastor then blessed all the babies. We then got home and gorged on the lovely food [not just because i helped cook it, it was a real treat!].

After all the eating, chatting, drinking, I had a lovely 3 hour siesta! What a day!


Manoj Mathew said...

Dear Mana,
It is great to see you in the African dress, enjoy life!
Hello from the people around who are able to see your blog. Your blog is also a way forward to show how Jeevika blogging can be made.
Hello from Raunak(our new arrival), Amit and Bhupi


Parth said...

hi,!!!!! u seem to be having lots of nice experiments. i admire your spirit and guts. u r taking things in your stride very nicely.
by the way, your writting stlye is very interesting. u should think of making a book out of your experiences.
take care.
keep focused.
do great work.
loads of love....moni