Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spontaneous Order at work again!

Pidgin english originated in Africa...The early explorers, navigators, and sailors found it difficult to communicate with the natives. On part of Africans, there was keenness to explore new ways of communicating with their visitors. And there developed "Pidgin", a version of English very unique to certain countries in Africa, Nigeria being one of them!

Pidgin is spoken widely in south, so since I am in Lagos, I would ahve to learn this one to be able to connect with the locals including my co-workers, my neighbours, my vendors etc...

Its very much like english but with certain different, "how are you children?" would become "how your pickin them?"...."You go smell pepper"...means "You will ahve hard life."....
So as they say in Pidgin..."I dey manage"...meaning..."I am coping well."!


It Is Worthwhile After All said...

Hey Mana!
It's great to be reading your blog... :-)
I think you can be a great travelogue writer, among your various other talents! :-) It's fun to read about Nigeria first hand. I am sure it's fascinating to be in another culture!
Incidentally, we were talking about pidgin in a linguistics lecture today and were asked to find out the difference between pidgin and creole.
Do ask around! :-)
Keep writing! :-)

Parth said...

aaaaaa hhhhhhaaaa in Parth English means i really miss you!