Monday, March 17, 2008

Sannu [Hello] from Kafanchan

Saturday actually was a extra-special day! First, Pradip, an Indian VSO volunteer based in Abuja cooked for the most amazing chicken curry, dal, roti and kheer! [ahh roti:)] I then arrived in Kafanchan on Saturday night where another scrumptious Indian meal was awaiting me at an Indian doctor's house.

Kafanchan in a small town in Kaduna state with a population of about 80,000. It has very weak systems for health, education and infrastructure. I am visiting a local civil society organisation
called Fantsfaum Foundation [named after the local tribe called "Fantsfaum" that is working towards integrated rural development through ICT, micro-finance [modelled after grameen bank], health awareness and facilities, a local volunteering program called "Gaiya" [which means "free gift of labour" in Hausa]. I am here to know more about their volunteering program. The people here are really nice. I am staying at the Foundation guesthouse which is quite comfortable.

We have two VSO volunteers who are working in FF. They live in a smaller town called "Kagaro" which is about half an hour from Kafanchan. We [me and the Director's daughter] spent sunday visiting Kagoro. It is quiet litte place which has a lovely mini-mountain range at its side, which we attempted to climb. But alas, it wasnt meant to be...I got tired too soon...that is now one of my goals for my year in Nigeria, to climb the Kagaro Mountain!

Today I spent mostly meeting the staff and volunteers. Everyone is very impressed with my hausa and cannot believe I ahve been here only 2 weeks...

I have an interesting week ahead!