Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am on the map!

Hey, as of now as many as 50 volunteers are serving throughout Nigeria and working in various capacities in the areas of secure livelihoods, education, HIV/ AIDS, and national volunteering! I am now on the map!

My programme area is "National Volunteering". Every year, VSO invites stakeholders to come to together to review the past year and collectively plan for next year! I am very lucky that the annual review for my programme area is actually happening tomorrow and dayafter! It will be an excellent way for me to understand what has happened so far and how I could contribute!

1 comment:

anuragini said...

Hey!!! Well done.. now you are a true global citizen... taking "passport to the future" to its new level!

Adjusting in Nigeria, therefore is not too difficult, right? With so much of familiar sights and sounds ... especially the dogs!!!

Keep updating.