Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Holi!

This was my first Holi away from home! But luckily for me I found a festive Indian to celebrate it with! Alok is a doctor who is here working as Program Manager for 30 Primary Health Centres servicing 150 villages in 3 local governments. He was nice enough to invite me and a few other
volunteers to his home to celebrate holi together: eat, drink and talk! He has a fabulous cook who cooked lovely poori, aloo matar, papads [that too fried:)], fresh dahi! It was just amazing...

When the other volunteers were asking what does "holi" mean and what is the historical siginifance, I was surprised at myself for not knowing! But I found out that it has many explanations including being a harvesting festival, the burning of the demoness "Holika", throwing of the ayurvedic colours as medicine for cure, etc etc.. [thanks to wikipedia again].

In the photo you see from left to right, Alok, Krystal [VSO volunteer from Holland] and Glenn [VSO Volunteer from Canada]! Behind them is the "Pick House" where the volunteers stay in Kagoro. [yes thats the mountain that I was attempting to climb!]

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